The philosophy of the Wesley Center Day School is to nurture each child through care, understanding, love and affection. We believe in providing a relaxed, Christian atmosphere for learning that includes a combination of hands-on-explorations, creative expression and recreation. The Day School has adopted a Christ-based curriculum that focuses deeply on non-denominational Christian values and a special chapel time is a weekly optional activity for older children. Most of all, the Wesley Center Day School staff and administration endeavor to be partners with you in the care of your child. We welcome your comments, concerns and questions. You are also invited to share your child’s early experiences by visiting, observing and participating in daily activities whenever possible.


Hours of Operation

The Wesley Center Day School welcomes children from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our holiday schedule closely mirrors that of state government. During severe weather (i.e., snow), we follow the Frankfort Independent School System’s schedule for delayed starts, early dismissals or whole day closure.

Our Menu

Children who attend full days can expect to receive healthy, nutritional meals and snacks. Breakfast and lunch are provided daily, as well as small snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Meals are prepared by a qualified service worker who is trained in food safety. We use fresh food in each meal as often as possible based on availability during the year.


Our Safety Standards

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of every child in our care. Our staff has been carefully evaluated to ensure they have both the background and personality for child care. Our classrooms are equipped with interior glass windows that allow for regular oversight from our hallways. Each room is equipped with age-appropriate toys and furniture. Our building was completed in 2006 and has no environmental problems like mold, mildew, asbestos or lead.
Can I visit during the day?
Yes! Please do! Parents and grandparents are welcome to visit anytime during the day and join in with the scheduled activities.
Do I still have to pay even when my child does not attend?
Yes. We have staff on duty and prepare food daily. In order to keep your cost low, we budget based on the number of children enrolled.
Who can pick up my child?
When you register your child, you will identify the names of those who can pick up your child. Children will only be released to individuals whose names are on your list and who have proper identification.
Do you accept children with disabilities or developmental issues?
We love and accept all children just the way they are. Our building is ADA compliant. We will try to accommodate children with special needs, but acceptance of your child’s registration will depend on appropriate staffing availability.
What happens if my child gets sick during the day?
If your child develops a problem during the day, you will receive a call from us. We are not equipped to handle sick children, and we send children home who are running a fever or obviously sick.
Do I have to be a Methodist to enroll my child in the Wesley Center Day School?
Absolutely not! While the school features a Christ-based curriculum, the teachings are non-denominational and focus on Christian values.
Will your staff honor my child's dietary restrictions?
We will do our best to honor your requests. We can provide healthy vegetarian meals and meals that are free of specific allergens. These issues must be discussed with the Executive Director and agreed upon in advance.